When I began in Internet Marketing, every one kept telling me the same thing – “Hey, Paul, the amount of money is in the list!” Well, OK, great, but how the heck must i do that?!

Next, i wasted time making the rounds in circles. Offline Doubletap, Have you any idea why? I spent ages creating a fancy web site to get subscribers. Man, Used to do it all wrong.

Now i know that list building is EASY. And when you do it correctly, you can create thousands of dollars on a monthly basis from your email list – it might be the most important focal point in your online business.

Without all of the rubbish, this is what you should be doing:-

1. Find out the Number One Problem Your Marketplace Has…

And how do you do that? Well, Offline Doubletap, you have fun where the people you’re looking to get on your list have fun! Forums! The marketplace research you can find from chatting to some people and reading some threads on forums is invaluable.

I want you to look for trends or patterns. Try to find questions that pop up a lot and when you see perhaps the most common theme then be aware!

For instance, on the net Marketing niche, Offline Doubletap, the top issue people have is how to get traffic! So, if you were looking to develop a list from the IM niche, you’d observe that down since it is fundamental for step 2:

2. Offer A Free Gift That assists Solve That Identical Problem

You see why the first step is so important! A higher converting lead capture page needs to solve a difficulty that everyone has!

I know what you’re thinking… Offline Doubletap, How do I make a giveaway? Actually, it is easy and should just take you an hour or so. And… you do not even should write it yourself should you not want to!

Fogged headlights you do: Check out a PLR directory and pick up some white label articles. Require a selection of 5 articles which you like, and turn it into an e-book.

There you have it, your giveaway! Now you just need to:

3. Create a Squeeze Page That Converts!

Ah, man this is so easy, Offline Doubletap, but a lot of people complicate matters… You don’t need to be a website design company to do this!

I’ll let you know a quick story – one of my friends has over 20,000 subscribers on her list and her landing page consistently converts at 40%. That’s MASSIVE! If you possibly could get 20% then you’re doing fine.

Along with what kind of squeeze page do you think she has? An all singing and dancing one? Like heck! Her squeeze page is a plain white one, using a catchy headline, Offline Doubletap, a few benefits and also the email register form…

So, now is your squeeze page instructions:

o Create a headline that is benefit-driven and addresses the most recognized problem we identified in step 1. Here’s one particualr great headline:

“Learn The Exact Techniques I personally use To Drive Over 2,000 Visitors To My Web Site Every Day”.

Ensure the headline is large and bold and red to get the attention of those visitors…Then:

o Build a list of benefits (in summary sentences) that subscribers are certain to get from your free gift. 5 is okay – don’t go crazy. And make them short, Offline Doubletap, not long paragraphs. After which…

o Add your permission received form underneath.

That’s how simple a landing page is. Offline Doubletap, Don’t make things worse like 95% of internet marketers, remember KISS (Keep it uncomplicated, Stupid!).

Uncertain where to get your opt-in form from? Well, Offline Doubletap, try a service from Aweber – it is the number one building a list service in my opinion…

Now You Just Need Traffic!

A few simple steps can get thousands of visitors flocking to your site. And I’ve covered exactly what they are in my new List Building Tips that you can download for free here: Offline Doubletap